Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence
SOLUTIONS Manufacturing Business Intelligence for Beverage Can Manufacturers



In an industry that makes over a hundred billion cans every year, productivity has always been a priority. But with soft drink growth slowing down, packaged beer consumption in a decline, and the demand for alternate containers growing, a beverage can maker must continue to drive costs down in order to stay profitable. Today, that means monitoring every aspect of a plant's performance and eliminating waste and downtime wherever it occurs.

Beverage can makers need a system that can collect data from a wide variety of machines and machine types, and deliver it in a useful form to a wide variety of users — machine operators, supervisors, plant managers, and the vice president of operations. Every machine in the production process performs a unique role creating a unique set of operational and downtime data which in turn creates a need for a robust, reliable plant performance measurement solution that can be easily configured and easily tied-in to other systems in the enterprise.

Acumence has seen efficiency increase by as much as 5% within two months of deployment in a plant. That type of productivity improvement could mean an annual increase in turnover of over $4 million in a typical can plant, creating over $500,000 in profit. For more information, take a look at our latest application note.

Application Note: Beverage Can Makers Crush The Competition