Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence
PRODUCTS Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution

Plant Information - When & Where You Need It

Acumence connects management and plant personnel with the heart of their value-generating discrete manufacturing assets. It delivers real-time factory floor production and downtime data in a way that makes it easy to understand exactly what is happening on the plant floor. Empowered with this rich information, users can easily identify bottlenecks and lead sources of lost productivity, leading to increased throughput and profits. Acumence provides insight into plant operations that drives continuous improvement initiatives within a plant, and across an enterprise.

Acumence Plant Analytics Server with Enterprise Alerts, Dashboards, and Reporting

Acumence's Plant Analytics Server is at the heart of an Acumence solution. It is a real-time measurement engine that creates a complete record of plant performance by capturing high-resolution data from machinery and processes in the plant, tracking the incidence and duration of all downtime and quality-related events, counting production and scrap, measuring WIP, monitoring sensors, and performing an array of real-time measurements. The resulting database of plant performance measures and KPIs provides operators, supervisors, plant management, and executives with a detailed, real-time and historical view of the plant's performance.

Immediate Update, Alerts & Notification

The Acumence Solution is architected with a memory-resident data structure that ensures high-speed aggregation, processing, and presentation of results. The result is a "what you see" is "what you've got" view of the plant, and an ability to capture, store, and display information immediately. The animated and color-coded browser-based client screens keep everyone informed on up-to-the-minute operations so that reaction times are reduced dramatically, creating an environment where downtime is minimized and performance is optimized.

Plant Performance at your Fingertips

Acumence keeps track of complete details on factory production and machine status in widely dispersed and decentralized production lines. Production and quality information is tracked for each machine in the process, and each for plant in the enterprise. Analysis tools enable management to compare different crews, shifts, lines and even factories to identify best practices as well as opportunities for improvement through training.

High-Performance, Web-Enabled, Enterprise Architecture

The Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution was developed on a .NET architecture using C# programming language, giving it the most advanced, professional, web-enabled architecture available today. It supports 13 different languages, and has been installed in 11 different countries. The highly-efficient design of the data structures and data aggregation components of the product makes Acumence a preferred solution for high-speed manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing BI Analysis Tools

A long-term record of all monitored activity is kept in a database, and a comprehensive set of reports, analysis and trending tools are available when it is necessary to drill-down and look at a machine or plant's performance in more detail or over a longer period of time.

Solutions for Beverage Can Manufacturing

The Acumence Solution is built on a platform fit for just about any discrete manufacturing process; however, specific, proven configurations for beverage can manufacturing are available that will speed implementation and ROI.