Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence
PRODUCTS Converting Plant Process Data into Actionable
Manufacturing Business Intelligence


The Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution is an enterprise-grade software platform designed specifically for high-speed, continuous/discrete manufacturing.

At the core is the high-performance Acumence Plant Analytics Server that creates a complete record of plant performance by taking high-resolution data from machinery and processes in the plant, recording all data within a context-sensitive environment, tracking all downtime and quality-related events, measuring performance at every step in the process, and performing an array of measurements on the fly.

Acumence Dashboards and Reports deliver valuable information to users at every level of a company through alerting, custom dashboards and reports, and analysis tools — insight that drives productivity.

Acumence Dashboards Acumence Reports Acumence Plant Analytics Server

Acumence products are used around the world to provide executives, plant management, and operations with exactly the information they need to do their jobs — when they need it. The Acumence Solution is easily configured for any industry application, and specific templates exist for beverage can manufacturing and filling applications.
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