Acumence Manufacturing Business Intelligence
ABOUT US Decades of Factory Experience Combined with
World-Class Enterprise Software Development

Acumence, Inc. helps manufacturers increase profitability and improve efficiencies through our software applications by providing actionable information on factory floor performance. We do this through our Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution that provides real-time views and historical metrics about what is actually happening on the factory floor and helping companies leverage their capital expenditures in equipment and ERP systems. The Acumence Solution is the highest performance and easiest to implement and maintain enterprise-grade application in the Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) industry.

Our expertise in manufacturing runs deep throughout our organization. Our team has run manufacturing lines, engineered and built manufacturing processes, planned and project managed the electrical engineering requirements for numerous high-speed manufacturers, architected and installed electrical control systems for entire factories, designed and built custom OEM manufacturing machinery and developed mission critical manufacturing production process methodologies from control systems to management standards. We have worked with over twenty manufacturers with hundreds of plants around the world including Motorola, Kraft, EcoLab, Nalco, Rexam, Clorox, USG and Stepan with projects throughout North America, South America, Europe and China. In addition, we conduct audits of existing plants, highlighting inefficiencies and offering opportunities for improvement, both by lowering costs and increasing revenues.

After repeatedly being asked to help our customers build custom code bases for their manufacturing performance monitoring solution, we decided to create a solution that could be supported locally at the plant level or centrally at the corporate level without the need for any special programming language skills. So we designed a solution to meet the needs of discrete part manufacturers including the functional requirements they needed, as well as their needs for long-term supportability. We built it with attention to detail, while at the same time focusing on ease of use. The ease of installation and ease of use have helped us gain sales and installations in factories and companies around the world.